How To Reduce Aircon Consumption

External Blinds & Sun Screens

Having air conditioning in your home is absolutely wonderful when you get home on a particularly warm day. However, blasting your air con uses a lot of energy and can cost a lot of money, so you should try and keep it to a minimum if you can. The following are some of the ways you can rely less on your home air conditioning system.

Screen doors and windows

If you don’t want to have to rely on your fake breeze so much, then you’d better let the real one in as much as you possibly can. Getting exterior screens put on all of your doors and windows can make a huge difference, as the breeze will be able to come through your entire house, and security screen options make it so that you aren’t leaving yourself vulnerable while you do it.

Utilise outdoor areas

If you have any kind of outdoor space, make use of it as much as possible so that you aren’t just hanging out inside with the air con blasting. If insects or mosquitoes are a problem you can always have the area meshed in, and if you have enough shade and some decent chairs, you can usually create a pretty comfortable area.

Close up during the day

In the middle of summer, the days start getting hot very early on, so it’s best to maintain the temperature in your home as much as you can, before it gets too warm. Close up your doors, windows, blinds and everything else; this prevents the cooler air inside from escaping as the outside air temperature steadily increases. Leave your home closed up until the late afternoon or evening, when the outside temperatures start to fall, and you can often pick up a cool breeze. Opening up your home at this time will allow the breeze to blow through, freshen everything up and cool everything off. You’ll still probably want at least a short burst from your air con in the heat of the day, but you won’t have to rely on it as much for keeping the inside temperature bearable.

Get a fan

Even a small fan can make a considerable difference to your comfort levels on a really hot day — at least until the heat gets to a certain point where you’re better off not using it. Having a decent little fan can help make many summer days far more enjoyable, and if you’re able to close off a section of your home, you can cool an area down quite effectively. Using your fan to help reduce your air conditioning use can be an easy way to save on your energy bills, but remember that your fan is using energy too — just less.

There are a lot of ways to keep cool, and using your air conditioner is definitely one of them, but before you switch it on, try a few other ideas first. If it gets crazy hot then the air conditioner might be your only option, but if you can find a way to not have it blasting all the time, then all the better.

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