The Benefits of Motorised Outdoor Blinds

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Motorised blinds are revolutionising the way we look at light management, and far from being a gimmick that provides more novelty value than anything else, the technology allows blinds to last longer, stronger and better, as well as creating quite a few options for the eco-conscious family. Whether you want roller blinds without the unsightly cords (that somehow always manage to get tangled!) or a sophisticated solution for your outdoor awnings and sunshades, motorised blinds provide a whole host of benefits and long-term money-saving solutions.

Keep Fabrics in Tip-Top Condition

Not only do we think the motorisation of blinds is the way forward in the industry; thousands of everyday Australians agree with us. One major reason to invest in the technology is that the fabric of your roller blinds especially will be properly taken care of. Over time, fiddling with cords and controls can take its toll on the fabric of some blinds. Tangles occur, people are rough with them or use their hands to straighten blinds and generally, over time, this shows in ware and tear. Motorised blinds don’t require you to ever touch your roller blinds except when you’re cleaning them, so tangles, fingerprints and other common occurrences with traditional simply cease to be an issue. If you have kids in the home you’ll likely be familiar with the range of (quite frankly, very inventive) ways that they can manage to damage everyday household items, and as well-behaved as your children may be, sometimes the temptation of a dangling cord just proves too good to resist. elimination the need for cords not only eliminates the possibility of damage and ware, but it also removes the potential safety hazard it can pose to small children or animals.


Another way in which motorised blinds can revolutionise your home is if someone at home suffers from a disability or restricted movement. People with a limited range of movement don’t need the added hassle of manoeuvring to every room in the house to battle with difficult cords at difficult angles. Not only do motorised blinds provide this convenience at the touch of a button, they can be programmed to open and close on their own. This kind of technology can make all the difference with elderly or disabled residents who want to live with independence.

Outdoor Awnings

The union between retractable awnings and motorisation is, quite frankly, a match made in light management heaven. Retractable awnings are brilliant for providing shade when you need it and light when you don’t. Not only is this a brilliant way to reduce heating and cooling bills, but it can help preserve your furniture by preventing sun damage and bleaching. The problem with traditional retractable awnings is that you are often required to go outside to wind them in or out. With motorised retractable awnings it’s as easy as the push of a button and voila–you can either harness or block out the natural light of the sun.

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