Best Commercial Shades For Restaurants


Restaurant with retractable awnings

Restaurant owners’ ultimate goal is serving deliciously instagrammable meals and providing impeccable service to their customers. You make investments in quality ingredients, excellent kitchen and floor staff, furniture, tableware, and decor to reach that goal. No matter the style of your restaurant or the food you serve, it is also essential to provide your guests with a comfortable atmosphere to make dining more pleasurable. There is nothing more uncomfortable than sitting in a hot restaurant in the middle of the day with the glaring sun beating down. And being uncomfortable due to the heat doesn’t translate to a long lazy lunch that rakes in the reviews.

When it comes to sun and heat protection, restaurants require window treatments that are functional, stylish, and easy to clean and maintain. The window treatment will depend on the type of restaurant you’re planning to create or improve (if you have an existing restaurant). The direction of the windows will also determine what sort of light control is necessary. The right window treatments can add to the style and ambience of the restaurant as well.

Benefits of Window Treatments

Controls light

Window treatment’s material and structure play a huge factor in how much light can enter a room.

Protection from heat

Shades, blinds, and shutters can all keep your furnishings in pristine condition by blocking harmful UV light that can damage your floors, ruin artwork, and cause fading to furniture.

Energy Efficiency

Window treatments are great insulators. Closed blinds can keep heat from entering during the summer months, and they can keep warmth contained during the winter.

Whether you’re starting a restaurant or looking for ways to shade your existing restaurant, you may take a closer look and take into consideration the popular choices of window treatments we listed below.

Roller shades

These are simple and often regarded as the height of minimalist styling yet an effective way to add functionality to any windows that need light control. They come in a range of sizes, colours and designs. For restaurant spaces that have televisions, roller shades are necessary to prevent harsh light or glare. At Helioscreen, you can choose from these options – motorised or chain operated roller blinds.

They are the best when it comes to:

  • Blocking up to 72% of the sun’s heat
  • Chain or motorised operation
  • Individual or linked systems
  • Single or dual bracket systems
  • Spring-assist option for easy lifting
  • Screen, translucent, block out fabrics
  • Five base bar styles
  • Up to 6.0m wide applications


This type of window treatment may not be the perfect choice for some restaurants, but shutters are just the right fit for others. They can open or close individually as needed to allow visibility from the inside out and light control. They do a great job of blocking heat and UV rays. It doesn’t matter which decor style you have opted for in your restaurant; shutters can create magic anywhere.

External Blinds and Screens

Another simple yet versatile window treatment option that is well suited for restaurants. Helioscreen Outdoor Blinds are designed to take the toughest of treatments by reducing the sun’s penetration – allowing you to control the entry of natural light, heat, and solar radiation into your restaurant. You can opt to install manually operated or motorised. Its best features include:

  • Reducing sun’s heat by up to 90%
  • Reducing air conditioning costs
  • Crank or motorised operations
  • Sun and wind sensor options
  • Stainless steel guide cables or zip side guide channels
  • Headboxes to suit the architecture.
  • Powder coat colours to suit
  • Over 50 fabric colours are available.

Cellular Shades

These types of shading provide impressive style and easy operation on a budget. They offer exceptional warmth and light filtering. Cellular honeycombs shades are a great choice and significantly useful for areas and regions that experience freezing and harsh winters. They are perfect for skylight windows if you have any. Available in motorised and cordless versions that are child-friendly.

When it comes to designing and launching a restaurant, the opportunities for creativity abound with styling options, and window treatments shouldn’t miss out. Bring character and life to your design while also creating comfort and ambience for your staff and patrons.

There are plenty of commercial shades to choose from in the market today. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colours, patterns, and styles, ensuring that every restaurant can choose the products that best suit their needs. If you are looking to launch a restaurant or planning to improve an existing one, make sure to partner with qualified experts to help you select the perfect shades for your business space. Our team from Helioscreen will be of service to assist you! Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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