What Are The Best Outdoor Blinds for Australian Conditions?

External Blinds & Sun Screens

In 2020, Australia recorded extreme temperatures of up to 48.9 °C. With these inevitably unrelenting conditions, installing Outdoor blinds or External blinds is an excellent way to reduce the sun’s penetration and absorb the extreme heat – providing much-needed shade for your home or commercial establishment. It plays a vital role in keeping your home’s interior cool, especially during summertime – saving energy by creating insulation.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Blinds For Your Home

There is a wide range of products in the market that offer unique features suitable for any purpose. In your search, you can filter for outdoor blinds that fit your home or establishment’s size and design and the climate/conditions in the place where you live. Various options will allow you to find the perfect solution to match your specific needs and taste.

For example: Manual or motorised operation?

Manually operated blinds require you to wind and unwind a mechanism by hand, to draw or lower the system. In contrast, motorised blinds are operated by simply flicking a switch on the wall, by handheld remote, or even with smart devices – perfect for your luxurious home, adding some sophisticated vibes and convenience.

Steps in Deciding On The Right Type Of Blinds

1. Outline Your Needs

Before you start looking for the right outdoor blinds for your home or business, you need to know your main purpose for it. For example, lowering heat penetration into the home or reducing glare on west facing windows. The specific need can then inform your choice of materials and system. Different fabrics allow less or more light to transfer through. Darker fabric reduces more glare but can also absorb and transfer a bit more heat. These options need to be considered with the advice of a reputable retailer.

2. Safety First

One major thing to consider is to look for a product that is guaranteed safe. Loose cords for example, can be extremely dangerous and can result in injury or death.

3. Find High-Quality Materials

Consider the material composition of the outdoor blinds. Stainless Steel fittings and screws are important. Fabric that is rot proof and built to last in the elements is also highly recommended

4. Select Right Design

When selecting a design, consider the ones that coordinate with your home’s aesthetics and architecture. There is a large range of colour options for both fabric and Hardware to choose from. Some high end manufacturers offer custom powder coating options to ensure the hardware is coordinated with your window trim and/or gutters.

5. Search For Other Available Options

While on search, you will gradually discover a large number of blinds to choose from. You can list down all the possible options, trim them down to one or two, and then from there, you can choose which one best suits your purpose.

Outdoor Blind Prices

Outdoor blinds costs depend on the quality of materials, size of the blinds, type of fabric chosen, and whether you decide to go for manual or motorised operation. Fitting and electrical charges can also vary depending on the difficulty of the installation, the blind location, if scaffolding is required, or if custom brackets need to be made. All these factors need to be considered.

What To Look For In An Outdoor Blind Supplier

There can be so many manufacturers, suppliers, and installers you’ll meet along the way, but it is very important to look for:

1. Most reputable

Make sure you use a supplier who has an established reputation within the market and has a proven track record and that they can determine that we exactly know what customers need.

2. Offers quality products with a warranty

Make sure your supplier provides products that come with a good warranty period (five years is very good) which will provide peace of mind.

3. Highly qualified team of tradesmen

Credentials go a long way, make sure your installers are experienced and avoid any nasty mistakes.

If you are looking for outdoor blinds to get you through the next summer, get in touch and we’ll connect you with one of our reputable and experienced agents.

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