What’s The Difference Between Full & Half Cassette Awnings?

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When choosing an awning for your home or business, you’ll likely have the choice between a full or half cassette awning covering. 

But what does a full cassette awning mean? And what’s the best option for your space? 

Here’s what you need to know. 

Full Cassette Vs Half Cassette Awning – What’s The Difference?

The key difference between full and half cassette awnings is the level of protection offered by the cassette enclosure the awning retracts into. 

Let’s look at both models in more detail: 

What Is A Full-Cassette Awning?

A full-cassette awning features an enclosure that completely seals away the awning arms and fabric when not in use. This protects against weather damage, corrosion and extends the lifespan of your awning.  

Delivering the highest level of protection, full-cassette enclosures are ideal for any residential or commercial awning. From open gardens and courtyards to restaurants and cafes, they’ll protect your awning from damaging dirt, dust, rain and corrosion. 

What Is A Half-Cassette Awning?

A half cassette (or semi-cassette) awning on the other hand, features an enclosure that sits above the awning fabric when it retracts. The enclosure protects the awning fabric and working parts, but is still partially open to the elements when not in use. 

Half cassette awnings are ideal for sheltered gardens, patios, decks and spaces with overhanging roofs or balcony ceilings. 

Helioscreen’s Top 5 Full & Half Cassette Awnings

1. Cassette Awning

cassette awning

The Helioshade Cassette Awning has a fully closing cassette that protects the fabric and componentry from the elements all year round. Combining the finest European design with state of the art materials, it offers complete protection from the harsh Australian environment.  

With a maximum projection up to 4 metres, the Cassette awning is the perfect addition to any backyard, deck or large commercial outdoor space. 

2. Cocoon Cassette Awning

Cocoon Helioscreen

Helioscreen’s Cocoon Cassette has a sleek, minimal design and fully closing cassette that guarantees style and maximum protection for your outdoor space. It’s the ideal shading solution for any modern home or business.  

With a projection up to 3.5m, the Cocoon Cassette is perfect for decks, patios, pools and other outdoor entertaining areas. 

3. Fabric Cassette Awning

Fabric Cassette Helioscreen

Helioscreen’s Fabric Cassette awning has a unique half-cassette enclosure that protects the awning fabric from tough Australian conditions. With a compact design and numerous mounting options, it is ideal for decks, courtyards and commercial outdoor dining spaces.  

4. Rubix Awning


Helioscreen’s Rubix Awning is made from the highest quality materials and features a fully closing cassette, ensuring durability and functionality for many years. 

It offers a premium sun protection solution for any residential or commercial application. With a generous 3.5m projection, it is well suited to shading decks, patios, courtyards and numerous other outdoor spaces.  

5. Classic Awning

Classic Helioscreen

Featuring an integrated torque bar and optional rain hood cover, Helioscreen’s Classic Awning is an extremely versatile open style awning. Our Classic Awning is made with chromatised aluminium parts and marine-grade stainless steel, making it extremely resistant to water damage and corrosion. 

Choose Australia’s Quality Retractable Awning Supplier

When choosing a full or semi-cassette awning for your home or business, look for a quality model from a reputable supplier. This will ensure you receive a quality shade solution that won’t rust, tear or break in a few years’ time.  

Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of retractable awnings for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Contact us today for more information on a model to best suit your needs.   

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