Garden Entertaining Ideas

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Even small gardens take up quite a lot of space, so if you live in somewhat cramped quarters and want to find some extra entertaining space, look to your garden. Your garden can be the perfect place to hold that wine and cheese event, or even a baby’s christening party, but first make sure it is ready for your guests. If you want to start using your garden to entertain, the following are important elements you’ll want to consider.


If you want people to hang out in your garden, make sure they can see. There are all sorts of creative lighting systems available that allow you to light whatever you want — from the roses to the gazebo — so get some lights put in. Path lighting is always a good idea for safety reasons, and if people will be eating, make sure they can at least see their food.


Your garden might already be one of the most beautiful parts of your property, but if you want to make it a place to entertain, you’ll need somewhere for people to sit. Having some feature chairs and tables in your garden can make for the perfect garden party setting, though if you’re having more elderly guests, ensure that the seating options are comfortable, whatever they are.


If your garden is big enough, try and establish a few separate nooks, as these will be perfect places for your guests to either hide out or mingle during your next shindig. Use trees, hedges, lattice or any other material to make a few separate areas in your garden, and your place may start becoming the favourite dinner party venue among your clique. A few carefully placed garden ornaments can help turn your nooks into magical little places.


It’s a good idea to pave at least a small area in or near your garden, so that you have a sturdy place to put your BBQ, table, chairs and so on. Having a winding path lead through the garden to the main paved area can provide a fun opportunity to show off your garden, as well as make use of some pretty lighting effects.


Unless there is outdoor shading somewhere in your garden, it’s going to be too hot to hang out in when the day warms up, so be sure to provide some kind of shade. Whether it’s a gazebo, a retractable sun shade or some large trees, having at least one decent-sized area that will get some shade will turn your garden into a viable summer entertainment option.

Your garden is a highlight of your house, so why not show it off a little more? Being able to entertain in your garden can suddenly make your home feel much larger, and will allow you to better take advantage of those perfect late afternoons and early evenings outside. Sometimes all it takes is having somewhere to sit, so make an effort and you’ll love your new space to entertain in your garden.

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