Home Design and Light Management Tips

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When you are not able to change or decide on the position of the windows in your home, then you must then think of ways to enhance and make the most of natural light in your house. There are many tips you can follow to ensure that maximum light is let in and spread around the room.

Too much light

When your house is exposed to too much sun in the long days of the summer months, then you will be looking for ways to minimise heat and glare inside your home.
There are many ways to manage light inside the home and they come mainly from window treatments, because it’s the windows that are allowing all that light and heat from the sun.


Interior blinds are one of the best ways to manage light in your home with style. Your internal window dressings can not only act as a screen but they can also look great and compliment your décor.

You can install modern, sleek glides and screens to provide a translucent panel between your home and the sun, so you can keep the benefits of a view and tame the heat and light that comes through the windows.


You can also manage light and heat from the outside of your home. Outdoor blinds and awnings can provide you with significant protection from sun radiation and actually save you money on cooling.

With so many varieties to choose from these days, you can find something to suit your taste and budget. Perhaps you might like to install simple screens that come down to cover your window, in either opaque, fully block out fabrics or perhaps you’d prefer a transparent, shade cloth.

Not Enough Light

Many homes suffer from being too dark. There aren’t a lot of things you can do to fix this, but there are ways to create the illusion of light and there are also small renovations you can do to actually bring more light in.

Dark rooms should be painted in light, neutral shades that don’t create too many shadows or contrast within the room. Light coloured or sheer blinds or curtains should be used to prevent the windows from looking heavy and to allow maximum light while still providing some element of privacy. Clever positioning of mirrors can also create the illusion of space and light inside a dark room.

Don’t let light be an issue in your home, whatever your concern might be, there are ways to manage light inside your home.

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