5 Lighting Solutions For Your Home Or Business

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Sunlight is hugely important to the way we feel at any given time. Too little can leave us feeling gloomy and depressed; too much can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. When planning or updating the design of your home or business it is important that you take into account the role that natural light will play in the look and feel of the building. There are many light control solutions available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, so you are sure to be able to find the perfect option to meet your needs and make the most of the space you have available.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a perennially popular and extremely convenient solution for most homes and businesses. Their inherent simplicity ensures that they fit seamlessly with most design visions and this flexibility means that they are less likely to need to be replaced in the future, even if the rest of your interior changes. They provide great sun protection and are easily maintained and cleaned. They are also suitable for areas with a high moisture level such as kitchens and bathrooms. For ultimate convenience, and an added touch of luxury, this type of blind can be motorized.

Blackout Blinds

Most light solutions simply limit the amount of light that comes into the room, in order to reduce glare or overheating. Sometimes though, that is not enough. In circumstances where you need to eliminate light completely, such as in an office space where audio-visual presentations regularly take place, blackout blinds might be the answer. They can be extremely useful in the home too, in media rooms or in bedrooms of people who don’t work standard hours and sometimes need to be able to sleep during the day.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a simple and elegant way of decorating your interior while also controlling the amount of light that comes in. They can be made in an enormous range of materials, allowing you to match your blinds perfectly with the rest of your design vision. Depending on the material chosen, Roman blinds can be an inexpensive option and they are fairly straightforward to install, meaning that you may not even require professional help to fit your blinds.

See-through Window Shades

Most blinds, by their very nature, prevent you from seeing out, just as they prevent light from getting in. If you have a beautiful view, this can be a bit of a shame. Or, if you are dealing with light coming into the entrance of your building you may need, to be able to see out for reasons of convenience or security. In this situation, window shades could be the answer. Designed to filter out just enough light to reduce glare and overheating, they maintain your view, uninterrupted.

Outdoor Solutions

It is not just indoors that we need protection from sunlight. In fact, with the risk of skin damage through exposure to UV light, it is even more important to get your external solutions right. A retractable awning is the ultimate solution for your business or home, allowing you to vary the level of protection according to conditions. Alternatively, there are plenty of options in external sunshades and outdoor blinds to choose from.

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