Helioscreen Cassette Awnings – Your Guide

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Nobody likes to see their outdoor area go to waste. But with Helioscreen’s cassette awning range, you don’t have to. Engineered with innovative German technology and Italian design, Helioscreen’s Cassette Awnings range is at the forefront of the Helioshade series.  

Whether it’s to protect against Australia’s harsh conditions, provide comfortable backyard shade or create the perfect outdoor entertainment area, this awning is up to the task. And does so with style, functionality and unmatched durability.  

Want to learn more? Read on.  

Helioscreen’s Retractable Cassette Awnings 

Apart from the precision engineering, high strength extruded brackets and high-tech automation options, Helioscreen’s cassette awnings allow you to control the weather without being confined indoors.  

With a fully closing cassette to protect the awning fabric, folding arms and components from the elements, Helioscreen cassette awnings will last for years to come. It’s the perfect addition to any backyard, commercial or restaurant outdoor dining space.  

Helioscreen’s Cassette Awning Key Features 

  • Maximum width: 8 metres (single unit)  
  • Coupling system: Up to 12 metres  
  • Maximum projection: 4 metres  
  • Fabric colours: Over 100 fabric colours  
  • Standard frame colours: Over 120 Dulux & custom powder coat colours  
  • Premium frame colours: Over 50 Dulux Duratec & Electro commercial colours 
  • Optional extras include: Vario-Valance (roller blind for vertical shade that comes down from the front bar)  
  • Installation angle: 5-40° 
  • Full and semi cassette options  

How Do Helioscreen’s Cassette Awnings Work? 

Once installed, the cassette awning sits flush against the facade of your home, building or property. When in use, the awning can operate either using a motorised function or a manual crank to project the folding arms outwards and extend over your desired coverage area. The awnings arms can then retract back into the cassette enclosure when not in use. The cassette provides complete protection to the fabric, folding arms and all components, extending the lifetime of the awnings for decades.   

The Helioshade Cassette is locally manufactured in Sydney using high-quality materials including chromatised aluminium and marine-grade stainless steel screws. It’s made with high strength extruded brackets to ensure sound and seamless fixing, even on the most difficult of facades.  

The cassette enclosure features cast aluminium end caps to provide the perfect protection from the elements. The Multiflex 4-cable folding arm system has been tried and tested over 70,000 full cycles, making it the strongest, most durable design on the market. 

Finally, it features a Somfy motor backed with a 5-year guarantee, creating an effortless experience to control light at the touch of a button.   

What About Additional Feature Options? 

When it comes to additional accessories, Helioscreen has you covered. Literally. Here are some of our most popular add-on features you won’t want to pass up:  

Sun and Wind Sensors 

By automatically reacting to weather changes, the sun sensors detect when the sun comes out and extends automatically for maximum convenience. When strong winds occur, the awning will automatically retract to avoid any damage. So you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye out for weather changes, the awning will take care of it. 

 Sun and wind sensors are perfect for multi-seasonal locations or commercial spaces where you don’t have the time to operate the awning throughout the day.  


Need a little extra protection? Look no further. Helioscreen can provide a vertically adjustable valance, or hanging fabric, to any cassette awning. And better yet, it can be easily fitted after awning installation. Helioscreen’s vario-valance is designed to complement the overall awning appearance and can be extended to 1.6m to offer additional privacy and protection from the sun’s harsh glare.  

Learn More About Cassette Awnings  

Cassette awnings come in different shapes, sizes and designs. When choosing a cassette awning, you have two options: full-cassette and semi-cassette. Here’s what you need to know:  

What is a Full Cassette Awning? 

Full-Cassette awnings encase the entire awning and its components to protect it from the harsh elements and overall weathering. When in use, the cassette will open, allowing the awning to extend out over its desired coverage area. When the awning retracts the arms fold inward into the cassette case, sealing and securing it in place.  

The cassette functionality provides the ultimate protection from weather damage, first and salt while extending the overall lifetime of the awning. Because of their premium durability, full-cassette awnings are perfect for large outdoor areas or for commercial facades such as restaurants, cafes and bistros.  

What is a Semi Cassette Awning?

A Semi-Cassette awning features a partial cassette case to provide the awnings, fabric and its components some level of protection from the elements. The underside of the awning remains exposed, so it doesn’t match the complete protection that the full-cassette offers.   

With that being said, a semi-cassette awning still matches the strength of shade and protection and is a great cost-effective alternative to the full-cassette. Because of this, they are a fantastic addition to smaller, sheltered gardens and patio areas 

Why Choose Helioscreen’s Cassette Awnings?  

When it comes to choosing a retractable awning that lasts, it’s important to prioritise optimal durability and functionality to guarantee a long-lasting shade solution. Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of custom made retractable cassette awnings for any residential or commercial facade. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your cassette awning needs. 

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