Helioscreen Fabric Cassette Awnings – Your Guide

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Retractable awnings give you the freedom to control the elements, rain, hail or shine. So, if it’s a little extra protection from the glaring sun you need, something to make your outdoor area more comfortable or provide patrons reprieve from the rain, look no further.  

Helioscreen’s Fabric Cassette awnings are the perfect all-rounder to suit a range of applications across residential, commercial and small businesses. It’s elegant, compact and classic. What more do you need? Here’s your ultimate guide to Helioscreen’s fabric cassette awnings.

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Helioscreen’s Retractable Fabric Cassette Awnings

Helioscreen’s Fabric Cassette awning is deceptively durable as a custom made intelligent sun control solution. Its elegant, compact design features a unique adjustable angle cassette to fully protect the motor and Helioscreen’s specialised fabric from the elements.  

Mounted via an integrated torque bar with numerous mounting options, Helioscreen’s fabric cassette is a universal awning suitable for a large range of applications.  

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Helioscreen’s Fabric Cassette Awning Key Features 

  • Maximum width: 8 metres  
  • Coupling system: Up to 12 metres 
  • Maximum projection: 4.5 metres  
  • Fabric colours: Over 100 fabric colours  
  • Frame colours: Over 120 Dulux & custom powder coat colours  
  • Installation angle: 5-45° 
  • Standard operation: Motor (gear unit and hand crank possible)  
  • Cassette dimensions: 238mm x 243mm 

How Do Helioscreen’s Fabric Cassette Awnings Work? 

Operate your fabric awning with either a state-of-art motorisation function, a gear unit or a manual hand crank to extend the folding arms over your coverage area. Once finished you can retract the arms back into the cassette enclosure.  

With all components made with chromatised aluminium and marine-grade steel nuts and screws, Helioscreen’s fabric cassette awning is highly resistant to corrosion. The Multiflex 4 cable system has been put through rigorous testing throughout 70,000 full cycles, making it one of the strongest on the market. Its design is built to withstand harsh Australian conditions and the arm system is optimised for the long-lasting tautness of the fabric under extensive heavy loads. 

Finally, it is powered by a Somfy motor backed with a 5-year guarantee and a category 6 Beaufort wind scale rating. Meaning it can withstand winds of up to 50km/hr.   

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What About Additional Accessories?

When it comes to additional accessories, Helioscreen has you covered. Literally. Some of Helioscreen’s popular accessories include:  

Sun, Rain or Wind Sensors 

Relax knowing your awning is one step ahead of you when the weather takes an unexpected turn. Helioscreen’s fabric cassette awning allows you to opt for sun, wind or rain sensors. 

When the sun comes out, the sun sensors will react and extend automatically without you having to lift a finger. Alternately, if the winds become too fierce or it begins to rain, your wind or rain sensors will trigger the awning to retract, protecting it from any potential weather damage.  

While sun and wind sensors are convenient, they’re also extremely handy for commercial spaces when you may not have the time to spare fiddling with awning functions. Allowing you to go on with your daily tasks without hassle.  


The Vario-valance is a vertically adjustable valance that harmonises perfectly with the overall appearance of the awning. The vario-valance can be extended to 1.6m offering additional privacy and protection from rising/setting sun’s glare. When not in use, the fabric is hidden within the awning from the rail out of sight.  

Why Choose Helioscreen’s Fabric Cassette Awnings?  

When it comes to choosing a retractable awning that lasts, it’s important to prioritise optimal durability and functionality to guarantee a long-lasting shade solution. Helioscreen is Australia’s leading supplier of custom made retractable awnings for any residential or commercial facade. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your fabric cassette awning needs. 

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