Bedroom Renovation Ideas

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Your bedroom should be your haven. After all, everyone spends a great deal of their lives in this room even if it is only used by some for sleeping and getting dressed in the morning. Here, we’ve listed some great tips for turning your bedroom into your own private oasis. From roller blinds that will give your bedroom that contemporary edge to minimising clutter and unwanted items, our tips will help you transform your bedroom, fast:

Clutter be gone

Like any room in your home, your bedroom needs to be free of clutter. Too much clutter and the room will feel chaotic and the idea of your bedroom being your haven is out the window. Get rid of anything that is not needed and put into storage or donate to charity. This also goes for things like clothing, cd’s and other things that might be laying around.

Think about what you want on the walls. You may not want anything on them, and that’s fine but if you currently have lots of photographs, posters or artworks hanging everywhere, consider a serious cull.

Everything in its right place

So everything in your bedroom should have it’s rightful place. This will stop it from accumulating on the end of your bed or being thrown into the bottom of the wardrobe. This also goes for dirty washing. The temptation to throw things on the floor when you come home exhausted can be overwhelming, but if you have a slick looking clothes hamper you can store your dirty clothes in, you’ll see just how much better your room feels when it’s kept clean and tidy.


In order to promote sleep you need soft light that’s soothing. A side lamp can create the right amount of light for when you are getting ready for bed and is much better than turning on all of the overhead lights which can often leave you examining yourself in the mirror for way too long anyway. Not only is soft light more forgiving where it counts, but it also helps get you in the mode for sleep time.

Window coverings

Window coverings are another important element in creating a haven in your bedroom. The right window covering should help block out unwanted light and even sound from the world outside. A retractable awning outside your window might be something you want to look at if your current blind or shutter isn’t giving you the light and sound protection you want. A retractable awning is also great if you get lots of sun in your room and you want to keep it cool in summer. A well-designed awning will not only block the sun but also absorb the heat. No more sleepless summer nights!

Rid your room of distractions

Your room needs to be kept calm, without distractions and only used for the right purposes. So take the laptop into another room and put the television elsewhere. Also take anything out of your room that elicits stress. For example, any work papers or things that allude to work. Remember this is your sanctuary and place to relax away from the rest of world.

Reclaiming your bedroom as your private haven is easy if you follow a few simple steps. I hope our list of tips has given you some useful ideas for giving your bedroom a makeover that will help promote rest and relaxation like never before.

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