6 Easy Front Home Renovation Ideas

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Whether you’re thinking of selling and want to add curb appeal, or you just want to brighten up the front of your home, there are plenty of ways to update it without spending a fortune.


A coat of paint can make anything old look new again and all it costs is the price of the paint and a few hours of your time. Whether you decide to paint your whole house, or just concentrate on the trims around windows, eaves and doors, you can easily achieve a whole new look to the front of your home. If you have a fence, consider painting it in the same colour to extend the theme and if your gutters and downpipes have seen better days, either paint them a contrasting colour or replace them with new ones.

Blinds and awnings

Blinds and awnings are another cost-effective way to update the front of your home. Modern styles are smart, chic and practical and as well as being a highlight, will also shade your windows from summer sun. They are made from strong, weather-resistant materials and many can be retracted over winter.


A landscaped garden can be a very inviting feature at the front of your home and again, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Simply dividing up garden beds, clearly defining paths and even introducing a split level effect can all be achieved with a good plan and bit of spade work. If your yard is securely fenced, you could also consider adding a water feature such as a rock pool or small fountain.

Front porch

The entrance to your home is an important area to update, as everyone who visits follows the path to your front door. Repairing and painting a tired front porch can make a lot of difference and little touches like a pair of large planters on either side of the door or novel door furniture such as a bell or rustic porch light can make a positive first impression on visitors. A new door is also a cost-effective way of improving your front entrance.


Your home’s curb appeal after dark also needs to be considered. Thoughtfully placed lighting can give your home a warm, inviting glow in the evenings, with garden lights along the path and soft lighting on your porch to welcome visitors. If you’re trying to reduce energy costs, you can use sensor lights that they only come on when someone enters your front gate, which can also be a good deterrent for burglars.


Attention to the little things can also improve your home’s look from the road. Details that can make a difference include:

  • Rubbish bins – consider purchasing a small storage shed so your bins are out of sight
  • Kids toys – children’s bikes, toys and play equipment left strewn around the front yard are an eyesore, so clear them away when not in use
  • Letter box – a new letter box can make a good first impression and won’t cost much. You can even make it yourself if you’re handy with wood
  • Lawns and gardens – it might sound obvious, but it can be overlooked. A neatly mowed lawn and a weed-free garden indicate that you take pride in your home’s appearance.
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